Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back To School


It's that time again, I am back in school. I start my first round of classes today with a healthy dose of Psychology and Literature so I thought I would start the week (I had MLK off) with a back to school technology article. Basically I wanted to discuss with all of you the gadgets that make my school routines function.

First and foremost, no student can survive without a computer. I chose the new Powerbook 12" as my weapon of choice. It has built in 802.11b/g wireless (an absolute requirement as BSU's campus is wireless enabled), a DVD-RW/CD-RW for burning whatever, 4+ hours battery life and an 80GB hard drive for storing all of those MP3, oops, I mean "important school documents."

Speaking of music I carry not one but two iPods. I have a 20GB 4th Generation that I keep a good selection of music on as well as a 512MB Shuffle that I use when I am streaking across the campus on my bike. If your curious about why I chose an iPod read my previous article about the "iPod Killers."

All of your tech gadgets need a nice home in a good backpack, I carry the Targus Matrix Notebook Backpack. It has plenty of room for all my gadgets, books and a few other essentials I carry such as: a wireless mouse, 50GB Bus Powered External USB Hard Drive, Compact Flash card reader, all of my cables, a few extra batteries, etc.

Suprisingly all of this technology is rather light when I have it propped on one shoulder so it's not a huge burdon to carry. I find myself always prepared and ready for whatever. Don't forget a few standards like a phone and ethernet cable, your power supply, some tissues and a PEN!

I hope you enjoyed my back to school ravings. I work full time as a Senior Developer/Analyst for a fortune 50 company during the day and I am a full time college student at night. All of this keeps me running constantly so I can't be without my gear!

Happy Spring Semester folks. - JB


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