Friday, January 13, 2006

The iMac Intel Duo Based iMac

What you really need to know.

Should you buy a new Intel based iMac or MacBook Pro? Seemingly a touch question but it can be answered by a simple one. What do you intend to use it for? This simple question will put you in one of two categories and answer the question: Should I wait?

If you are a home user and your computer tasks include browsing the web, using office, light application work, working with photos, and your tasks can all be completed with office and or iLife and iWork, the Intel based Mac is going to be a great machine for you. Running the native intel code will scream and non intensive tasks will run on Rosetta flawlessly. This will also exclude most high end games.

If your tasks fall more into the power user category: Audio editing, Video editing, using professional applications like Photoshop, Premiere, ProTools, etc., you are going to be not only dissapointed with the Intel based Macs, but in many instances left completely unable to use your applications. The more intensive applications are all third party applications that have not had universal binaries (Intel compatible code) developed for them yet. That leaves you, and me actually, unable to use the iMac or Mac Book Pro for most of your work.

The bottom line is that the Intel Macs are coming and the software you use and love will be made ready. If your looking for a daily use machine, a school laptop or a second computer, the iMac and other Intel Macs will be great machines. It all just depends on what you intend to do with it.

Jason Burns


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