Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nikon To Stop Producing Most Film Cameras

We all knew this was coming but most of us wondered who would fire the first shot. I thought it might be Canon since they have been so steadfast in releasing so many new digital products. When Kodak announced they would be scaling back film production we all knew this was coming. So here we have it and Nikon are pushing the film people out the door.

I admit to being a purely digital individual. I scrapped tape as soon as digital recording was available for music, I canned cassettes when CDs came out. I began my foray into photography with a Canon Digital Rebel. My only real experience with film has been disposable cameras and an 110 when I was a kid. I am 31 years old and that says that it is entirely pheasable to live in a world without film. If you look at my work I think the photo quality and prints speak for themselves. Currently I am using an 8 megapixel Canon Digital SLR and I love it.

You can read more information on this topic at Link: Nikon to stop making most film cameras


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